Vitamin C Serum
freshly made
100% L-ascorbic acid

Please note: You can preorder now for the Vitamin C serum, which we will make fresh and ship on July 29. 

If you prefer to opt out of the two-serum BOOST Camp and would like just a freshly made Vitamin C serum, this is for you. 

This 1-oz bottle of Vitamin C is made fresh every two weeks and will be marked with a two-month best-by date. 

Our Vitamin C serum contains 19% L-ascorbic acid -- the highest level that your skin can use -- and is possibly THE best component we can add to our skin. It's protective, it plumps, it minimizes the appearance of fine lines and skin roughness, and it brightens and evens skin tone. Our Vitamin C serum is infused with hydrating sea kelp bioferment plus two types of hyaluronic acids to soothe skin while helping to prevent trans-epidermal water loss. 

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Each morning, press one pump into hands and press gently into skin of face and neck. Wait 2-5 minutes, then layer on Flower Code, Reishi Luma, or your sunscreen.

More is not better - if you use more than a pump, it will feel a little sticky.

You now can choose to increase the strength of your By the C serum from 14% to 19%. Please note that while studies have shown 19% L-ascorbic acid to be the most effective, it also can temporarily irritate skin. We recommend the standard, 14% BOOST for first-time Campers.  Please reach out to or call 406 200 9451 if you have any questions -- we would love to help!

 Key actives

Fresh Vitamin C instantly illuminates and smooths texture

Green Tea extract delivers potent antioxidants to deep within the epidermis

Snow Cap mushroom extract delivers hydration to minimize fine lines

Hyaluronic acid delivers balanced and lasting moisture

Prebiotics encourage and support a healthy skin biome 

Made with the purest ingredients: hyaluronic acid solution; organic, non-GMO L-ascorbic acid; sea kelp bioferment; propaneidol 1-3 (vegetable-based, Ecocert); sodium lactate; non-GMO behenyl alcohol (Ecocert); benzyl alcohol; salicylic acid

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Marianne Hofer
Manic to my skin

As a well seasoned woman, my skin has suffered a lot of hash weather and dryness. This wonderful product has given it new life. It’s soothing, refreshing, and I feel so silky and relaxed after using it. The fragrance is awesome. I urge everyone to try this for the sake of your skin.

Gina King
Heavenly Blue!

This body moisturizer is one of my all time favorites. I love putting it on right after my shower. It absorbs nicely into my skin and I can't get enough of the wonderful smell. It's clean, just a bit earthy, and gives me my sense of peace. No need to wear perfume.

Jane Freeman

The aroma of the Blue Tansy is so unique and relaxing! I could use this on my pillow if I could spray it! And this oil is light so it really soaks in quickly which is great when you are running out the door and want to look good and smell great! I highly recommend this!!!