Our skin is an ecosystem, and each of us is an entire world for the microbes that reside on its surface. When we are good stewards of these tiny living things and allow them to thrive in balance, they keep our skin hydrated and vibrant, resistant to infection, and healthy. 

Beneficial skin microbes actually produce hyaluronic acid -- an intensely moisturizing active that naturally holds water in your skin. Helpful microbes also improve barrier function, decrease Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL). All this keeps your skin dewy and plump.
Microbes produce lactic acid and other acids tp regulate pH, and they actually communicate with your skin's immune system to keep it calm and prevent it from overreacting.  

Probiotics can reduce the appearance of wrinkles while helping skin look smoother, firmer and more elastic. 

The future's not antibiotic, it's PRObiotic!!