WE ARE HERE TO SERVE: We are a yoga-based, biome-centric company, from the interconnectedness of our skin’s probiota to community reliance, to the web of life that surrounds us.  We strive not to sell skincare but to  be of service to everyone we meet, and we are grateful for your trust and for this work we do together. 

YOU ARE THE WORLD: Our skincare ethos honors the interconnectedness of all things, beginning with the smallest of all -- the microbiome on our own skin. 

We believe that as we choose each morning to care for the smallest little beings that are on our skin (yes, your microbiome), we begin to trust that the power that connects all living beings works in concert for the highest good of all. 

We all want to be stewards of the greater world, and yet the whole world is reflected in the cosmos of our own skin. So as we make the  choice every morning and evening to care for our skin by caring for the smallest of things, we signal to the universe our openness, our activism, and our stewardship of the greater world. As always, we start with ourselves.

And yeah. We know that sounds like a lot. But it's also true! You start on a path and somehow, your actions signal to yourself and to the world what your intentions are, and things shift. 

So if all that can start with skincare, then, why not?! 

 YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL:  Beauty is people who are authentic, joyful, and kind. When we are true to our highest selves, we just sparkle. Every body is different, but — just like balance in the greater world — our diversity brings beauty and light to the world.  Embracing those differences makes the world vibrant and interesting, and we — and the whole world — are better for it.  

When we honor our true selves, we become better versions of ourselves, and we do our best work!

 CRUELTY FREE: Animal testing is stupid. We don't test on animals or purchase raw materials from any suppliers who do.  

 EARTH- and PEOPLE- FORWARD:  We are eco positive, we LOVE customer service (!), have a no-fuss return policy, we offer free skin consultations, we practice charitable giving, we ship in paper mailers, we repurpose packaging from local businesses, and we have a product-refill policy to cut down on packaging.

 SIMPLE MATTERS: There’s only so much room in a bottle, and most actives still need to be used at reasonably high percentages to make a difference. Our ingredient lists don't go on and on; we are guided by science-backed, peer-reviewed studies, and we use proven actives at the highest percentages that can manifest results without unnecessarily irritating skin.  

 There’s also NO fillers and overall fewer ingredients for our skin to react to. Skincare should not result in peeling, dried-out skin -- all that reflects damage to the epidermis and the skin’s protective balance.