Aromatherapy Body Serum

We start with fair-trade frankincense tears for their robust stores of boswellic acids, then carefully infuse them into organic, antioxidant-rich oils and creamy beeswax to boost hydration and essential oil benefits. 

Sadhu Aromatherapy Body Serum is saturated with the organic essential oils of thyme, sweet orange, and spicy lemongrass, then blended with organic camellia oil (also called green tea oil), abyssinian oil and creamy beeswax for a decadent body treatment formulated to enhance gratitude and joy. 

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Apply Sadhu Body Silk as an aromatherapy massage or daily body treatment. Avoid face and eyes. Sadhu Body Silk can lock in moisture if applied within two minutes of a shower or bath. 

Sadhu Body Silk's creamy beeswax and organic oils help secure the benefits of this potent blend of thyme, organic sweet orange, lavender and lemongrass, plus the sublime positivity of infused fair-trade frankincense resins, blended together to help you tap into gratitude and joy.

Sadhu Body Silk is an elegant massage oil, providing nearly eternal glide for a meditative and grounding session.

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Boswellic acid is a famed component of frankincense, known for its ability to comfort and sooth sore joints and ligaments. However great it may be, boswellic acid is not volatile and is too heavy to be distilled into frankincense essential oils.

Key actives

* Boswellic acid soothes sore muscles and joints

* thyme, sweet orange and lemongrass elicit gratitude and joy

* antioxidant-rich oils lock in moisture and essential oil benefits 

Organic and cold-pressed (CP) camellia oil; organic, CP golden jojoba oil; organic, CP abyssinian oil; organic, CP camellia oil; organic, CP argan oil; polyglycerol-3 beeswax (Ecocert); organic rice bran oil; fair-trade frankincense resin; organic sweet orange oil; organic lavender oil; frankincense oil; frankincense CO2 extract; white thyme oil; tocotrienols (vitamin E); clove oil; lemongrass oil

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"Sadhu Body Silk is lovely! My skin is soft and glowing, and the dry patches on my knees and elbows are just gone.

The spicy, citrusy scent is so invigorating -- it really boosts my mood!”

Kristen Binder specializes in portraiture, lifestyle, and marketing photography, and she had the best time shooting the photos for this website!  

She lives in Whitefish, Montana, where she enjoys skiing, hiking, biking, and swimming in mountain lakes with her husband and two young daughters.

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Rhonda Hinrichs
Ahhh…so lovely!

Montana in the winter is rough on one’s skin- try Sadhu Body Silk and your skin will thank you!! I love to shower in the evening and then apply this luxurious product. Try it, you’ll like it!!

sarah buxton

The Sadhu Body Silk is pure heaven! Its the perfect weight. My skin just eats it up and glows, the sent is so beautiful.I wish there was a body mist or room spray in the scent.hopefully is comes in larger amount soon.

Julie Vitko
Skin deliciousness!

The sadhu body silk it WONDERFUL. It has a nice, mild scent, it absorbs beautifully into your skin leaving it soft and glowing. I love using this right after my shower and before going to bed. It is terrific!

Amazing Products

I have very dry, sensitive skin. I have been using these products and not only is it safe for my skin, my skin feels better than ever.

Jane Freeman
Awesome fragrance!

I can’t tell you what it smells like other than earthy. I feel like Mother Nature! Ha! It has a real deep smell and my husband likes it too. We use it on our necks and flabby upper arms and I definitely see a difference. Obviously I wasn’t taking care of my skin but it responded quickly to this and all the body oils from Skin Food. My skin was starving for this nourishment!! Janie