Aromatherapy Body Serum

We start with fair-trade frankincense tears for their robust stores of boswellic acids, then carefully infuse them into organic, antioxidant-rich oils and creamy beeswax to boost hydration and essential oil benefits. 

Om Sera aromatherapy body serum contains critical extracts of spicy serrata frankincense. It's blended with organic Montana camelina oil and creamy beeswax for a decadent body treatment formulated to help you find comfort and stillness. 

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Apply Om Sera Body Silk as an aromatherapy massage or daily body treatment. Avoid face and eyes. Om Sera can lock in moisture if applied within two minutes of a shower or bath. 

Om Sera's creamy beeswax and organic oils help secure the benefits of this sublime blend of frankincense critical extracts and infused fair-trade resins, blended together to enhance comfort and stillness. 

Om Sera makes a fantastic massage oil, providing nearly eternal glide for a meditative and grounding session.

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Boswellic acid is a famed component of frankincense, known for its ability to comfort and sooth sore joints and ligaments. However great it may be, boswellic acid is not volatile and is too heavy to be distilled into frankincense essential oils. But it IS in the resin, and it's oil soluble.


* Boswellic acid soothes sore muscles and joints

* Frankincense serrata critical extracts provide calm and quiet

* antioxidant-rich oils lock in moisture and essential oil benefits

Organic and cold-pressed (CP) camellia oil; organic, CP golden jojoba oil; organic, CP abyssinian oil; organic, CP camellia oil; organic, CP argan oil; polyglycerol-3 beeswax (Ecocert); organic rice bran oil; fair-trade frankincense resin; frankincense errata critical extract; non-GMO tocotrienols (vitamin E)

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Love it!

I combine this and all my oils with the Body of Water Souffle’. Awesome!

Denise Sheldon
Hydrating and great fragrance

It may seem a bit pricey but it goes a long way. Clean ingredients and smells great. My skin loves it!

Marianne Hofer
Love these products

I very much appreciate dealing with Skin Food Organics. Not only do they have great products, but it’s a friendly, helpful, and very efficient business! The website is easy, and the service prompt. Love it!!


I absolutely love Om Sera, it's a perfect consistency for soaking into my skin after a shower, and the fragrance of the Frankincense lasts all day! After using it for two weeks on my upper body, my dry skin has disappeared....I highly recommend!

Ronda Pierce
Very good

Quantity is just less than expected