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What beauty there is in simplicity.  We so believe in the power of a good muslin cloth that we developed these cloths to our exact specifications - thick, soft, Indian-spun, 100% cotton muslin cloths that work perfectly with our cleansing oils. These cloths are more substantial and more luxurious than traditional muslin, yet they air dry rapidly and are perfect for everyday use. 

These are extremely well crafted and durable enough for machine washing. You can also machine dry them, but they will shrink and puff up a little. 

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Moisten the muslin cloth with water, then gently swipe across skin to remove cleansing oil. Rinse with soapy water and hang dry - it will be ready for you tomorrow!

100% cotton gently exfoliates without pulling or tearing skin. Dries quickly for everyday use.

Made in India

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ashley hill
Muslin cloths

I love these little face cloths. I wish I had a warehouse of them. They last many washings, and cleanse my face very well whe. Used with an oil cleanser.