Daily Body Oil


This is a lightweight blend perfect for everyday use. 

It is made with organic coconut and organic cherry kernel oil -- two of the most easily absorbed and most sustainable and earth-friendly oils available.  It contains a sublime blend of lavender, ylang ylang, and bitter orange. It's perfect for use just after a shower or bath, or to apply whenever your skin or your mind needs a lift. 

This is a limited-release product. It comes in an amber glass bottle with a lotion pump. 

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Massage into skin as needed.

My Everything Daily Body Oil is the perfect finishing oil for after a bath or shower. It absorbs quickly and it is preservative free to protect your skin's natural protective biome

My Everything features what are called upcycled ingredients -- in other words, it is made of oils pressed from materials left over from other applications.) In the case of our cherry kernel oil, it is made by cold pressing the cherry kernels that were left over after a German company finished making it's organic jam. (Isn't that brilliant?!)

Reduce packaging options: For repeat purchases, select "refill only" at checkout. We'll skip the box, and you can reuse your pump!

When your refill arrives, unscrew the top and place it on a stable surface. Then unscrew the pump from your empty bottle, and directly place it into your bottle of new product. Try to not put the pump down anywhere once you unscrew it, and don't get it wet; just move it directly from your empty bottle to your fresh one, screw it on securely, and you're all set!!

* Super absorbent, organic oils of coconut and cherry kernel

* Essential oils to brightens mood

* Made with sustainable and upcycled oils

Organic fractionated coconut oil; organic, cold-processed cherry kernel oil; squalane oil (from olives); organic sea buckthorn critical extract; essential oils of organic lavender, organic cedarwood, non-GMO tocopherols (vitamin E); organic ylang ylang, organic pettigrain, organic rosemary critical extract

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Sara Parr
Not sure about the fragrance…

I have not used this product very much yet, the fragrance of it isn’t very appealing to me. :(

Happy Skin

Love the light feel of this oil. It goes on so nicely and is such a fabulous smell. Another amazing product from you!!

Love Love Love!

Feels great on the skin! I use it every day! Thank you!


I really love how soft my skin is when I use it. It doesn't leave it oily. It also has a very subtle scent so to put my perfume over it isn't overwhelming!